Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Dear April!

Okay, so I've been pretty rubbish at keeping the blog a regular one, and for that I can only apologise. I hope everyone is well, enjoying the lovely weather we are having, and doing the things you enjoy. 

I just want to start off by saying a massive thanks to everyone who has read, shared and contacted me regarding my previous blog on my own Molar Pregnancy experience, i can't put into words how much all the support means to me. 688 views is pretty impressive, in my opinion! I've been playing around with the idea of hitting Youtube to speak about my experience in a hope to raise more awareness, but i really don't know about this one! And if you have no idea what I am on about well you can check it out at this previous post.

This entire month has been a huge one of reflection for me, looking back at what has happened to me over the past few years and what is happening to me now. I once hated my past, regretted every decision i ever made, and to be honest felt pretty crappy, especially after losing Dalton. BUT i come to realise the other day, if i had had a normal pregnancy i would be at home, with my ex, struggling for money, not in college and i certainly wouldn't have a job. But getting pregnant showed me the truth behind my ex, what he was truly like, it gave me that push to realise i shouldn't be with him. And then when i lost the pregnancy, whilst it was crappy and to this day devastates me, its allowed me to accept the past and move on with my life. A fresh start so to speak.

Since September i have been studying Sport and Exercise Science at College, and i have been loving it. My relationship with my family and friends has only grown and got stronger. I have a job working for my favourite coffee shop in the world, and to be honest with you i love being a Costa Barista. I have found the person who i believe to be the love of my life. And next month I am off to America!! America!! This month i realised if i had had a normal pregnancy i doubt any of these things would have happened, i most certainly wouldn't be off to America to fulfill a pretty big dream of mine. So while my past sucks, and is filled with stupid decisions and mistakes, i accept it, its made me... me. And would i change who i am? Not a chance.

I have worked in a Chinese Restaurant, i now work at Costa. I have gone ginger, blonde, red and now I'm stuck at a pinky/orange hair colour. I have fallen in love, i have witnessed my friends fall in love with people, i'm witnessing weddings in the next upcoming years. I have made new friends and old friends, I have gained more tattoos. A lot has happened in the past few months since my last post and most importantly Camp America cropped up into my life...

So next month I am off to America participating in the amazing opportunity that is Camp America. I applied just before Christmas and had an interview in March, on the same evening of my interview i found out i got the place! I am to be an overnight counsellor at a Camp in Ohio for Disabled People. You can check out the camp and the company here. I cannot put into words how excited i am for something that will be the most amazing thing i have ever done, 2 years ago it was the JOG to LE bike trip, and last year it was overcoming a tragedy and this year it is helping others and working with some amazing individuals, in a country i dream to have a future in. 

If i'm honest i am absolutely pooping myself in regards to going to America, but my excitement is definitely outweighing it all. I've already made friends with some of the people working on my Camp, and I am pretty much ready to fly, once i have brought all my stuff for Camp. Working with disabled individuals is such a dream come true, especially as im considering it as a career within the Sport Industry. So I am so so thankful to be doing this. AMERICA!!! Ahhhhhh!!

If there's one thing I've learnt since the age of 16, its no matter how much life gets you down or how many times the people you look up to put you down or think you wont get anywhere in life. No matter what anyone says to you, or how bad it all gets, and how close you get to wanting to give up entirely. Don't! Find that hope, that reason to carry on, and i can promise you life will get better. Jump for any opportunity you get through work, college, school, family etc. 

And if you want to go to America and experience working in an amazing camp with amazing people just apply to Camp America like i did. 

Right, i need to get back to my Sport Assignment on Football... *yawn* So this is the end of this rambling post, and i promise to start writing more regularly!!

Much Love

Shannon x

Like my tattoo and my favourite character of all time states: To Live Will Be An Awfully Big Adventure.

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